What if we told you
this is AI reality.

ViNotion provides artificial intelligence (AI) for video analytics and smart camera sensors. ViNotion’s AI video analytics technology, ViSense®, is used in intelligent transportation, traffic innovation, crowd management, and intelligent traffic control systems (ITLC). ViSense® provides versatile metadata giving you total situational awareness of complicated scenarios and in-depth insights into the behavior and movements of crowds and traffic. It’s a boon to city planners and traffic engineers, who use the data to enhance urban accessibility, health, and safety. In addition to our efforts towards traffic and urban innovation, ViNotion offers OEM and ODM partnerships with manufacturers and brands to bring inventive new products to market or update the existing product range with AI video and smart camera technology.
Introducing ViSense®; game-changing edge-based AI video analytics for in-depth insights backed by versatile statistical data.

By combining edge-based Deep Learning video content analysis with smart camera technology, ViSense® gives you highly accurate, in-depth data on the behavior of people and objects in a physical space. ViSense® is comprised of a high-performance camera sensor and an Artificial Intelligence  video analyzer for visual identification and image analysis. ViSense® Management System (ViMS) gathers, combines, analyzes, and shares a wide range of data, insights, and predictions. It also controls edge-based camera sensors set up in the field.

ViNotion’s ViSense® offers complete situational awareness in any setting—in real-time.
For the past 15 years, ViNotion’s computer vision engineers, data technologists, and image analysis specialists have been developing and deploying artificially intelligent video content analysis solutions. These technologies are used to help people and goods move around cities and handle crowds and traffic. They also serve to control traffic lights in smart ways and to design and maintain public spaces and infrastructure. As an OEM or ODM, we now offer our expertise, experience, and advanced technology to product designers and manufacturers who want to add the latest AI image analysis and smart camera sensor technology to their products.

Urban Crowds
and traffic

Traffic Control


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