About ViNotion

Powering the next generation of video analytics and smart camera surveillance with Vision AI and Deep Learning.

We put Vision AI to work for modern society.

ViNotion empowers governments, institutions, organizations, and commercial companies with state-of-the-art video analytics and smart camera technologies for data-driven decision-making and planning. We’ve spent 15 years developing and deploying artificially intelligent video analytics solutions to help solve traffic and urbanization challenges like traffic congestion, urban mobility, public health and safety, and environmental concerns. Advanced AI video analytics and sophisticated camera sensor technology give our clients real-time situational awareness of any given area and the behavior of people and objects in it. This lets them understand complex situations in a more nuanced way. By combining Deep Learning algorithms and computer vision technology with smart camera technology, we provide artificially intelligent video analytics and smart camera sensors to benefit a safe, comfortable, and mobile future.

As new applications for advanced video analytics develop, we provide product designers and manufacturers with Software Development as a Service (SDaaS). With our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we help them to create revolutionary new and better products and services that incorporate AI Vision and smart camera sensors. Our readily available AI building blocks lower R&D cost and accelerates time to market.

What sets us apart? Our cutting-edge technology, vast knowledge and experience, and top AI specialists are unrivaled.

ViNotion was founded in March 2007 as a spin-off from the Video Coding and Architectures (VCA) research group at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). ViNotion and TU/e still collaborate on R&D. Since 2019, ViNotion has been ISO 27001 certified.

Our privately held company is quickly growing as it continues to develop and deploy artificially intelligent video analytics solutions based on Deep Learning algorithms, Computer Vision, and smart camera sensor technology.

ViSense® our solution for intelligent video analytics.

Smart cameras and video analytics collect meta-data, send out real-time alerts, and send statistics and insights to external portals and systems like intelligent traffic light management systems. Our solutions cope with various light, weather conditions and surroundings. ViSense’s compact video analysis unit delivers reliable statistics on the behavior of people, groups, traffic, and objects in any given space. Its analysis unit can be placed on-premises or incorporated in-camera (on the edge). We provide the expertise, speed, creativity, AI video analytics, and smart camera technology you need to take your operations, products, and services to the next level. Our AI innovation expertise, experience, and spirit are our strong perks.

Our clients deliver new solutions to social challenges for governments, institutions, agencies, commercial enterprises, and consumers.

Our clients are system integrators as well as traffic managers who want to extract data that is more versatile and reliable to enhance conventional traffic light systems for better traffic flow in high-traffic areas. They are tourist and retail organizations that require in-depth information on footfall, visitor numbers, and the movements of those visitors to minimize overcrowding or enhance planning for security, social distancing, city infrastructure, and staffing. And a growing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) aiming to boost their product range and obtain a competitive edge for themselves.

They are all frontrunners, and regardless of their history, industry, or application, they are driven to benefit from the latest technological advancements in artificial video analytics to thrive. ViNotion partners with them and contributes the necessary expertise, technology, and experience to ensure their success.

Want to take advantage of the latest in smart cameras and intelligent video analytics technology?

Connect with us. We’d love to chat about your situation — and explore whether our expertise and solutions can help you.

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