Vision AI and Smart Camera Product Development for OEMs, ODMs, and system integrators.

Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS)

ViNotion adds AI-based Video Interpretation and intelligent camera sensor technologies to new and existing products and services. ViSense platform offers modular building blocks for rapid product development and simple integration. We collaborate with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to develop breakthrough products that feature advanced artificially intelligent video analytics and smart camera technology. We create advanced video analysis components and full solutions for third parties to include in their products or rebrand as their own.

Be smart! Grab your competitive edge

Incorporate edge-based AI video analytics to improve your best-selling products and create inventive new devices that modern customers will love. 

ViNotion brings AI video analytics and smart camera sensors. We leverage computer vision, Deep Learning (DL), Artificial Intelligence, and Pattern Recognition (PR). With advanced algorithms and smart camera sensor technology, ViNotion develops intelligent products that generate highly accurate and versatile meta-data for in-depth insights on the behavior of people, vehicles, and objects in a given area, such as in crowds or traffic. We’ve worked with governments, scientific institutions, agencies, and businesses for over 15 years to improve urban mobility, crowd and traffic management, smart city projects, and other modern-day challenges.

ViNotion's knowledge, experience, and breakthrough solutions reduce time-to-market and R&D costs.

OEM and ODM-product development is a specialty. With a robust product development approach, ViNotion helps product manufacturers and designers secure product success. We make sure that your new revolutionary device is reliable and will still be useful in the future, so that customers will want to buy it now and in the future.

Get access to talent that your company doesn't have, but that will give you an edge over your competitors.

ViNotion is your video AI and smart camera ODM team. We’re like your co-workers. We are willing to back that with a joint development partnership agreement, so you don’t carry 100% of the risk but still control your product.

Our clients & partners

Video AI elongates product lifespans. Keep up with the latest.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are helping startups and huge organizations develop breakthrough products. If you want to speed up your product development, check out the ViDigest media library. That’s where you’ll find the latest on technological breakthroughs in video AI analytics and smart camera sensor technology. Join us at one of our outreach events, delve deeper, watch a video, or download valuable resources — all for free.

How Edge AI Cameras are Revolutionizing Tomorrow's Vision Applications

Smart product manufacturers push for integrated artificially intelligent video analytics.

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News & Media

Burglar-Free Neighborhood project employs ViNotion's Intelligent Video Analytics in streetlights and lanterns.

Just one example of how video analytics and smart camera sensor technology make for better products that meet our contemporary needs. “Nieuwsuur” featured the burglar-proof community project with the lamppost for video surveillance. Watch the video below or view the use case in ViStories.

Partner up with ViNotion

As a leading expert in smart camera sensors and sophisticated AI video analytics, we partner with product designers and manufacturers to create breakthrough products and services for their clients today and into the future. Our significant experience with computer vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables them to bring innovative video AI-supported products to market quickly and with little R&D expenditure. Forget about acquiring new specialist staff; ViNotion has the professionals you need.

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Keeping products that are selling well right now but will soon be out of date or no longer be needed? Extend the life of your product, gain a competitive edge, and be known as a front-runner.

Video AI can help you extend the life of your existing product lines and introduce revolutionary new ones. Book a no-obligation call. We’ll discuss your ideas, concerns, and options. Explore how ViNotion may help you go forward.

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