ViSense® Video AI building blocks

Enhance your goods and services with cutting-edge video AI and smart camera technology.

Beat the competition to it. Develop innovative new products quickly and affordably.

ViSense® Video AI building blocks expedite product development. ViSense® is ViNotion’s powerful video analytics platform. Its modular building blocks enable fast product development. Our AI developers and product engineers leverage Artificial Intelligence to replicate human cognitive abilities and functions for the interpretation of live video streams. They combine algorithms with edge-based intelligent camera technology to enable machines to perform rule-based tasks far faster and more accurately than humans. With this, ViNotion brings intelligent video analytics solutions and smart camera technologies for OEM and ODM development of innovative products. These products provide reliable, in-depth insights into the behavior and activity of people and objects in real-time, even in the most complex and dynamic environments.

Excellent concept design is of strategic value.

ViNotion offers a wealth of design expertise, innovative technology, and specialized knowledge. AI is rapidly gaining traction across many industries. To remain ahead of the competition and relevant to consumers and businesses, they are forming partnerships with Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) suppliers to boost product innovation. ViNotion can help you make the most of cutting-edge AI video-interpretation technology by incorporating it into your existing product or helping you create new products that meet changing needs and expectations of modern customers.

We embrace experimentation and innovation.

Our team of specialists works intensively with state-of-the-art AI Video technology to offer a full range of AI and Machine Learning solutions. We leverage the latest Computer Vision and camera sensor technology currently deployed in various global industries. Entrepreneurs, product designers, and manufacturers work with us to develop appealing and improved products with next-generation video AI technology.

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Need a partner to help you build or improve a product with video AI and smart cameras? 3 Steps:

  1. Get in touch or book your no-strings-attached exploratory call. Ask us for an NDA if you want to share sensitive or strategic information.
  2. Brief us on your situation and plans so we can help. Rest assured; we will tell you if we are not the right partner for the project.
  3. If ViNotion is the right partner for you, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting to go over the details and plan the next steps toward realization.

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