Intelligent Traffic Control

Next-generation smart cameras and AI video analytics improve Intelligent Traffic Light Control.

We make traffic light control systems smarter.

ViNotion’s experts in intelligent video analytics give system integrators and traffic authorities the means to get a full understanding of what’s going on at intersections and in other complex traffic scenarios in real time. With sophisticated Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology, we provide intelligent video analytics and smart camera technology to make both new and existing intelligent traffic light control systems (ITLCs) smarter.

Take charge of traffic flow to make sure cities and other heavily trafficked destinations stay accessible.

Intelligent traffic light control systems (ITLCs) leverage ViNotion’s video analytics and smart camera technology to recognize, categorize, evaluate, and predict the behavior of any traffic participant in a given space. To this end, we use a single sensor that covers multiple lanes. ITLCs can be triggered to set priority for specific types of traffic, such as trucks or cyclists, to minimize air pollution from emissions or improve traffic flow by relying on versatile real-time data on current traffic circumstances.

ViSense®'s trustworthy real-time data empowers ITLCs to improve traffic flow and safety.

This reduces traffic congestion, improves accessibility, and increases road safety for all road users. With ViSense® added to ITLC systems, intersections become much more convenient and safer for both drivers and pedestrians.
ViSense® uses smart camera sensors and complex algorithms to analyze the behavior of everyone in traffic. That supports traffic authorities’ decision-making about things like the timing of traffic lights and how to respond to emergencies by relying on highly accurate, real-time information about what is happening on the roads.

Because of data blind spots in traditional traffic signal control systems, certain types of traffic often have to be ignored. With ViSense®, that is no longer the case.

ViSense® can track all kinds of traffic, from trucks to bicycles to people walking, and even traffic that doesn’t exist yet. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are always getting better, so our models and schemes for detecting and grouping are always getting better, too. This makes ViSense® future-proof.

ViSense® is object-oriented and 100% compliant with data protection regulations.

Our clients & partners

ViDigest Media Library: Find the latest ITLC news and resources.

Intelligent traffic light control is on the rise. If you want to keep up with traffic innovation and smart mobility, check out the ViDigest Media Library. Sign up for one of our outreach events, listen to podcasts, watch videos, download handy resources, and learn — all free.

Not going anywhere soon? Cutting-edge Video AI Analytics Helps Reduce Traffic Jams.

Interview about the challenges and technological advancements in artificial intelligent video interpretation, about smart sensors, and the future of intelligent traffic light control.

ViStories: real-world use cases

Learn how ViNotion helped Hengelo establish its first bicycle peloton route and reduce red light violations.

ViStories is where we present real-world use cases and case studies demonstrating how we have collaborated with governments, road authorities, system integrators, and others to address current traffic concerns. Learn more about our experiences, use cases, and what ViNotion can accomplish if you’re interested in traffic flow, accessibility to congested and heavily trafficked areas, and the ecological effects of traffic.

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Smart mobility: smart, clean, and safe travel in the province of Noord-Holland. The Dutch province stimulates travel behavior change with intelligent traffic light control systems.

Smart mobility is developing at a rapid pace. Vehicles such as cars and trucks are becoming more intelligent and take over tasks for the driver. Traffic lights are getting smarter too and can now communicate with traffic. This innovation for cars, bicycles, trucks, and other traffic modes and infrastructural objects is what we call Smart Mobility. The province of Noord-Holland is testing and implementing smart mobility solutions to help residents travel conveniently, cleanly, and safely today and in the future. Watch the project video here.

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