ViSense® for Intelligent Traffic Control

Smart cameras and AI video analytics help improve traffic flow and safety and cut emissions

The future of intelligent traffic light control

ViSense® makes traffic lights smarter. Traffic congestion can be eased using dynamic speed restrictions, individual or group prioritizing, and green waves. ViSense® intelligent video analytics and smart camera technologies capture every traffic mode in a scenario, offering a comprehensive dynamic overview of any traffic in intelligent traffic light control (ITLC) zones. The ViSense® system integrates with the ITLC to set real-time triggers for dynamic traffic light management. This optimizes traffic flow and throughput for each individual or group of road users in the zone.

What is ViSense®?

ViSense® provides reliable, real-time traffic statistics. It works with ITLC and is often a supplement to traditional inductive loops. It helps establish real-time traffic situational awareness with one type of sensor for different modes of transportation and multiple driving lanes. ViSense® comprises a light-sensitive camera sensor and a sophisticated analytical unit. Roadside cabinets house the compact, energy-efficient analytical units. The linked analysis unit can be set and deployed remotely through secured access once the cameras are installed. From there, traffic lights may be actuated to prioritize certain vehicles, triggering, for example, green waves based on current data to optimize traffic flow and reduce pollution from traffic emissions.

Precise and reliable traffic statistics in real time. With one compact, energy-efficient video analyzer and smart camera sensor technology.

What you get

What it does for you

What ViSense does not do

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ViSense® may be the AI answer to your traffic light control challenges.

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