Urban Crowds and Traffic

Gain a complete understanding of crowds and traffic in urban areas.

AI video analytics helps cities deal with traffic, crowding, safety, and environmental strain.
ViNotion’s AI Video Analytics experts leverage object-oriented Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and smart camera technology to provide detailed real-time and historical data regarding traffic and crowds in urban areas. The generic data output gives detailed information about crowds and traffic to governments, emergency services, road authorities, system integrators, commercial centers, tourist agencies, and the general public.

ViNotion specializes in smart camera technology and artificially intelligent crowd and traffic video analysis.

Our ViSense® system helps address modern urban challenges such as urban accessibility, traffic flow, crowding, and safety.

Detailed information from our ViSense® system helps with planning based on data and helps cut down on pollution from cars. Consider giving trucks the right of way at traffic lights to make it easier for them to get through; increasing accessibility for all traffic; or making “green waves” to encourage green travel in congested cities. Real-time data on footfall in the city center, as well as insights on crowds and movement directions, proves valuable to retailers and hospitality businesses in commercial and recreational zones.

ViSense® can provide insights for crowd management and public safety—which are vital during a crisis or emergency. For initiatives like the 15-minute city and the yearly measurement agenda, ViSense® collected data over lengthy periods of time. It provides comprehensive situational awareness of dynamic urban scenarios, allowing for more effective infrastructure maintenance and investments that improve city life and work.

ViSense® is different from other surveillance systems; it doesn’t have any blind spots.

The system can find any relevant object, like a person, a bicycle, a motorized vehicle, or a piece of infrastructure. It uses powerful video analysis technology to look for patterns and insights in the meta-data gathered by smart cameras.

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How Intelligent Video Analytics Can Help Solve Some of the World’s Biggest Urban Mobility Challenges.

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ViStories: our use cases

Find out how ViNotion helped Den Bosch get out of lockdown safely and learn about other use cases.

On ViStories, we share use cases and real-world examples of how video AI and smart camera technology have helped governments, road authorities, system integrators, and others address urban challenges. Find out how ViNotion can help you master growing traffic volumes, crowding, safety, and environmental concerns in urban areas.

Traffic intervention in Hilversum's Snelliuslaan. Making the road residential-safe.

Snelliuslaan is a 30-kilometer residential road in Hilversum Noord (NL). Snelliuslaan should be a safe place to live and raise children. However, there was a lot of annoyance from speeding vehicles. Watch this video to see how locals made the neighborhood safe again.

With advanced video interpretation and smart camera technology, we’re here to help you deal with the crowds and traffic in cities today.

ViNotion develops AI video analytics to make cameras smart. Our experts help system integrators, local governments, road operators, and other urban stakeholders get 24/7 situational awareness in complex urban settings with full respect to the public’s privacy. Municipalities, tourism groups, and commercial parties use our historical and real-time data for public safety, traffic and crowd management, environmental development, and to increase living and working conditions for urban communities.

Urban Mobility Challenges: Intelligent Video Analytics helps master urban traffic, accessibility, congestion, safety, and environmental strain worldwide. Get free access to the white paper.

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Solutions to 5 Major Urban Mobility Challenges Worldwide - Driven by Intelligent Video Analytics

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