ViSense® for Urban Crowds and Traffic

Intelligent video interpretation at the edge

Real-time AI-powered video analytics to detect, analyze, and predict crowd and traffic behavior in urban settings.

AI video analytics help deal with the growing problems of traffic, safety, and the environment in urban areas.
ViNotion’s AI video specialists blend object-oriented Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms with smart camera technology to deliver rich historical and real-time data and forecasts on congestion and crowd and traffic behavior in urban regions. The generic data output gives governments, emergency services, road operators, system integrators, commercial centers, tourism and traffic agencies, and others detailed information and predictions about urban crowding and traffic.


ViSense® systems comprise advanced analytical units and light-sensitive camera sensors. The small, energy-efficient analysis unit and camera sensor fit right into the city’s existing infrastructure. After the cameras are set up, the analysis unit can be set up and deployed remotely through a secure connection. ViSense® smart cameras and Video AI solutions provide you with full situational awareness of crowds and complicated traffic scenarios by analyzing – groups of, and individual – pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, and any other traffic participant or object in the infrastructure. Statistics provide precise and reliable insights and predictions on traffic and visitor counts, heading, density, distance, speed, and more.

With smart video analysis and a variety of statistical data, you can get a clear and complete picture of urban crowds and traffic to help with issues like accessibility, safety, the environment, and more.

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Are you trying to tackle urban challenges but don't have enough reliable insights to do so?

Most likely, ViNotion has the answers you need. We bring advanced video analytics and smart camera technology to help you see the whole picture of crowds and traffic in cities. Book a free 30-minute call with us to talk about your situation and needs and find out if AI image analytics can help you deal with growing traffic, safety, and environmental pressures in urban areas.

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