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The latest on traffic innovation, smart mobility, crowd management and Edge AI.

ViDigest features the best online content in our three primary markets: urban crowds and traffic, intelligent traffic control, and Edge AI product development. Explore articles, video’s and more relating to our activities, the latest technological advancements, and noteworthy content from the media and other parties around the world.

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News and more about managing crowds and traffic in urban areas and improving urban traffic and transportation.

Are you coping with modern-day urban concerns, including safety, crowding, traffic flow, urban accessibility, and rising environmental pressures? Are you interested in smart city projects and innovative urban mobility? Take a look at this.

More on Urban Crowds and Traffic

News and more on Intelligent Traffic Light Control.

Are you interested in traffic flow, road safety, and the environmental impact of traffic pollution? Are you looking for the most recent developments in traffic light control and smart mobility? Check this out.

More on Urban Crowds and Traffic

Technology news and updates about intelligent video analytics and smart cameras for OEM and ODM product development.

Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors with new and improved products that feature sophisticated technologies like artificially intelligent video analytics and smart camera technology? Check out the resources listed below.

More on Video AI and smart camera sensor technology for OEM and ODM Product Design and Development.

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Urban Crowds and Traffic

Intelligent Traffic Control

Smart Mobility



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