iVRI: Can we already manage without sensors?


In the complex world of mobility, cities face immense challenges: from traffic safety to sustainability and livability. The traditional green-yellow-red cycle of traffic lights is no longer sufficient. This marks the beginning of the search for advanced traffic management solutions, a journey central to the Traffic Lights Study Day on February 7, 2024, at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Exceed the boundaries of traditional traffic management

Traffic lights are crucial, but are they still adequate? How can cities meet today’s demands, such as improved traffic safety, sustainability, and contributing to the mobility transition? The answer lies in the evolution of traffic management.

Christopher Geelen at 10:30 AM

A highlight of this day is the presentation by Christopher Geelen, Operations Manager at ViNotion. He poses a challenging question: “iVRI: can we already manage without sensors?” Christopher explores the possibilities of iVRIs (intelligent traffic control systems) and examines whether roadside sensors are still an absolute necessity given the rise of apps and floating car data.

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