A Favorable Start and Fast Track to develop innovative products and services featuring Smart Camera Sensors and Artificially Intelligent Video Analytics.


We all see it, everyone’s talking about it, the pace of technological progress is accelerating. It’s unpredictable and unprecedented. As the World Economic Forum recognized in its Future of Jobs report, we are entering a fourth industrial revolution.

To emerge as a winner from this new industrial revolution, you must lead it!  It requires two crucial elements:

  • awareness of disruptive technology
  • a plan to engage talent that can make the most of this new technology to bring smart, relevant products and services to market faster than your competitors.

ViNotion is here to help you grab that competitive edge and place yourself at the very top as a leading innovator in your industry. Launch new products and services featuring integrated Artificial Intelligent Video technology to modernize your existing portfolio and meet the changing demands and expectations of customers and society – quickly and affordably with minimized risk.

5 Technologies Set to Change the Global Economy by 2025

It’s not easy to keep up with the rise of so many technologies on so many fronts. Each technological advancement is heralded as “the next big thing.” That said, not every emerging technology will change our business or consumer landscape – but some genuinely have the potential to disrupt the status quo, change the way people live and work, and shift our value pools.

The effects of technological and other advancements are shortening the shelf life of products, services, and even employee skills around the globe. The talent to manage the changes underway and develop much needed solutions to modern challenges will be scarce. Companies and organizations who want to stay ahead must act now. Brands and manufacturers all over the world are putting engaging technological skilled talent, and future-proofing their products and services portfolio, at the forefront of their growth.

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Emerging Technologies with High Potential

As mobile computing devices dominate Internet connectivity, interfaces, formats, sensors, and apps will evolve at lightning speed. By 2025, a projected 4.3 billion more people will enter the mobile internet market as they gain access to mobile connectivity. That presents a huge opportunity for product and service design! ViNotion helps product designers and developers to launch products that take the ever-evolving needs of these new users into account by designing products that seamlessly integrate with their apps and devices—so that you can deliver intelligent digital experiences that work for everyone.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Machine learning and user interfaces for detection, recognition, analysis, and prediction of the behavior of individuals, groups, and traffic will continue to advance. It will increase our quality of life, safety, comfort, and efficiency. It might even relieve us from some brainwork in the future. As a leading expert in artificially intelligent video analytics, ViNotion builds its Deep Learning and Computer Vision-based technology and algorithms into exciting new and updated products and services that make our daily lives, work, and play better.
  2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
    According to predictions by Goldman Sachs, the virtual and augmented reality industries will grow into an $80 billion market by 2025. Major upgrades to the technology infrastructure are underway, and an ecosystem of apps is set to emerge for both consumers and businesses. ViSense® provides highly reliable data for simulations, such as through digital twins. One use case is in the forecasting of urbanization’s consequences and traffic growth in different scenarios. These kinds of developments at the edge of VR and AR are driving the need for very accurate, flexible, and multifaceted data about things like traffic and crowds.
  3. Cloud technology
    Cloud technology might be the biggest buzzword of the past decade, and it will continue to be of great impact in the 2020’s too. All IT services and web apps could be delivered through the cloud, with more companies and organizations adopting the public cloud. As cyber security remains critical today, ViNotion’s Intelligent Video Analytics solutions do not rely on cloud connectivity or third-party devices. As totally wireless communication bandwidth is technologically limited, we believe that processing at the edge to preserve this scarce resource is essential. ViNotion’s edge processing solutions not only save computing power but also storage and cloud data communication costs. More importantly, they eliminate the challenges of data processing governance and allow product developers to comply with companies’ and brands’ security protocols. ViSense® technology is GDPR compliant, and ViNotion is ISO27001 certified. Data streams produced by ViSense® Edge systems are rather small, contain zero personal data, and are securely routed to central servers or cloud applications. ViNotion helps product makers build smart data capture with visual sensors that give cloud applications situational awareness while protecting the privacy of data subjects like people and vehicles.
  4. The Internet of Things (IoT)
    9 billion devices are currently connected to the internet. This number is set to increase by 50 billion, to almost 1 trillion by the end of this decade. Therefore, companies will need to develop appropriate solutions for monitoring and securing their products, systems, devices, and even people. Intelligent AI processing at the edge can be applied to physical devices (e.g., cars or road systems) with sensors or actuators connected over the Internet. By creating cyber-physical systems (CPS), with the benefit of using central intelligence to interact with the physical world, these systems are both more secure and more efficient. The devices can collaborate to form complex systems, while the cost of building and operating the equipment is reduced.

As the way we work and live changes, so too should the products and services that are available to us. ViNotion is set to leverage the latest technological advancements to bring artificially intelligent video interpretation into innovative products and services that modern businesses and consumers need and want.

Product Development for OEM and ODM

Top-Notch Experts in Computer Vision and AI Video Analytics committed to creating innovative products and services to benefit modern living and working–Fast and Cost-Effectively.

Product and technology development teams can only be as successful as the knowledge, skills, experience, and technology they bring to the table. ViNotion is a leading provider of artificial intelligence video analysis systems. Once founded as a spin-off of the Video Coding and Architectures research group (VCA) at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), today we still collaborate closely with TU/e. We’ve been developing our technology since 2007. We’re proud to have participated in national and international innovation projects from day one. Our top-rated team of experts with far-reaching expertise in computer vision and big data has developed ingenious technologies valuable to any industry that depends on video content. Just think of the many use-cases for the management of crowds, traffic, and logistics, and of urbanization, security and surveillance, production, defense, maritime, sports, recreation, and so much more.

ViNotion brings the knowledge, skills, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to the table that ensures product manufacturers and designers a favorable start and fast track to bringing innovative products featuring integrated Video Intelligence to market.

ViNotion’s video AI product design team works closely with manufacturers and product designers to bring appealing products and services to market that address the changing demands in many industries and sectors. From government and healthcare to construction and security, we develop intelligent products and services featuring artificial-intelligent video interpretation technology –  that appeal to modern businesses and consumers.

Driven by our love of video AI technology, we set out to make our world more convenient, sustainable, and secure for generations to come. We do this by integrating artificially intelligent video content interpretation technology into existing or new sophisticated products and services. Across our product development team, you’ll find engineers, developers, data specialists, and product managers with Deep Learning and Machine Learning credentials and complementary technology expertise.

Our people think through scenarios, opportunities, and risks to find the best solutions for your needs.

We research, experiment, and guide OEM and ODM partners from concept to manufacturing. We put our ideas to the test, refine them, and, in cooperation with you, create goods and services featuring AI video interpretation that meet the ever-evolving consumer and business needs arising from modern social challenges. Our dedicated product development team works closely with our OEM/ODM clients and partners from the very start of a product development project. The foundation is our artificially intelligent video analytics technology. Whether you want to upgrade your existing products and services portfolio or bring innovative new products to the market, we will find the right solution for your application. ViNotion develops technical concepts up to prototypes or series of products, from which transfer to production partners can be seamless. We coordinate software development and work with you to determine the most appropriate hardware choices and computing power capabilities. If you already have a preferred platform, we validate the possibility of platform porting. In addition, we’ll assess what risks we’ll want to limit, and set boundary conditions for power consumption, processing load, and operating temperature, so that support hours for your new product or service will be kept to a minimum.

Fast Forward Multimedia Music Audio Concept

ViNotion reduces time-to-market, R & D costs, and development risk. It gives your customers the best availability, quality of service, and innovative products and services they want and need.

Fast Forward with ViNotion Video AI Product Development.

Time-to-market is crucial for the introduction of new products and services. ViNotion offers a “fast forward” in that we have basic modular solutions readily available for you to use as a basic blueprint. This is where our expertise and your knowledge of your specific product, market, and target group intertwine. Working with you, we continue to build on our blueprints. We add, change, configure, and tweak until we reach the optimal solution that meets your specific needs and preferences. We will help you every step of the way and let you know what the effects of your design choices, progress, risks, and expected results will be based on what we know and have done before. 

Video AI to Future-Proof Your Business and Master Modern-Day Challenges.

Update your products and services, create exciting new products, and improve customer experience (CX) with the latest Artificial Video Intelligence. ViNotion’s Artificial Intelligence Video Interpretation solutions leverage pre-trained Machine Learning models that automatically recognize objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video. Offering exceptional quality out of the box, it has proven highly efficient for common use cases such as intelligent traffic control, urban crowd management, domestic safety, and surveillance, and more. It’s only improving over time as new concepts are introduced. Use cases for video AI-enhanced products and services are endless. 

  1. Imagine smart bus stops with integrated cameras and Video Analytics technology that collect occupancy and passerby info for the dynamic optimization of public transport timetables. The action perspective it would offer public or even private transport companies for optimization of staff-scheduling or vehicle selection can improve service and capacity and save costs!
  2. What if roadside cameras featuring Video AI technology would warn in-car systems that approach an intersection for pedestrians that are walking around the corner or for location-specific information such as obstacles on the road? It would allow such systems to warn the driver or even control the driver assist functions of a car. The navigation system could recommend alternate routes when there is something going on, such as a school running out, a broken-down car on the road, or anything else that could affect the travel experience. Enriching navigation systems with more than just floating car data would significantly increase accuracy in positioning and estimated time of arrival (ETA). 
  3. Contemplate equipping your fleet of trucks with a few cameras that record the truck’s surroundings and combine all video feeds into a single image for total situational awareness. The capabilities of artificial intelligence could warn the truck driver about bicycles and pedestrians in blind spots. An alert signal could be sent when thieves attempt to steal cargo while the truck is parked.
  4. Consider lighting fixtures that function as sensor-hotels, leveraging video analytics technology. They could provide real-time street, block, and city-wide mobility data for insights into Smart Cities. Data on safety, traffic priority and distribution, crowd flow, environmental quality, and passerby info could be displayed on billboards and more.

These are just four examples of how innovative products and services with artificially intelligent video interpretation features could  improve the way we live and work. Each of these three examples creates opportunities for new income streams and opens brands to new markets.

  1. Bus stop manufacturers could become data brokers if they transformed their bus terminals into sensor hotels for multiple applications. 
  2. Camera suppliers could specialize in specific segments with different detection and classification models. Consider smart cameras doing AI video analysis in real-time specifically for traffic, manufacturing processes, surveillance, crowd management, navigation, or automotive design.
  3. With better safe-driving skills and cost savings from cargo space theft and unlawful boarding, trucks might provide significantly more value.
  4. Cities might collect data for a wide range of applications, including spatial planning, maintenance, and housing. New business models would emerge, such as data brokers, for example for local retail and recreation businesses.

Do you see the possibilities in terms of new revenue streams? If you are worried about GDPR and public privacy, worry no further. All our Intelligent Video Analytics solutions deliver 100% privacy-proof meta-data output.

The challenges, common objections, and risks involved in product  innovation.

Do you have trouble finding, training, and holding on to technically skilled AI professionals?

With Deep Learning and Machine Learning skills being so specialized and technological advancement going so fast, companies struggle to find, train, and hold on to enough Deep Learning and Machine Learning specialists to fill all the roles—and recruiting other engineers and developers is also a challenge, as companies face a general shortage of technicians. Introducing new technology into your product portfolio is a specialized job that requires the right and up-to-date know-how, skills, technology, and experience. We have got you covered with top-rated experts and all the facilities in place, leaving you free to devote your energy to your core business.

In distress about the time and cost of research and development?

Setting up research and development, getting to the current level of technology, and developing a release-worthy minimal viable product is a massive undertaking. You will do it, learn, fall, get up, adapt, validate, and repeat. ViNotion offers you a favorable starting point, letting you skip most of this learning curve. We have already invested 15 years of our time, money, and more resources in developing our modular ViSense® platform. So, you won’t have to anymore! Partnering with ViNotion means you get a head start with minimal R & D investment, which gives you a competitive edge.

Are you afraid the competition will jump ahead of you?

A short time-to-market is key to a successful product introduction. Being first to market gives you first-mover advantages. Being a frontrunner boosts your image and opens your business to new markets. In situations where your existing customers show changing needs, you need to offer them appealing solutions as quickly as possible. In today’s fast-paced market, customers tend not to wait for one supplier when there are other better alternatives available. Our ViSense® platform, now available and fully operational for several markets in Europe, provides a solid basis for the rapid development of innovative new products and services. Application-specific additions, changes, or modifications can be made quickly. ViNotion helps you to bring top relevant products to market before the competition can beat you to it!

Are you wondering about service and support for your customers?

You might be wondering how you will be able to service your customers if you don’t have current, thorough knowledge and understanding of AI Video Analytics in-house. Ultimately, you want to protect your brand reputation and service levels. That’s why, after the products go to market, ViNotion continues to serve as your internal technology hub. You deal directly with our operations team and your dedicated product manager. We also give you and your customers an online service portal that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and fits your company’s look and feel. It even allows you access to your service level response windows, ticket status, and progress as a monitoring tool. In other words, complete transparency and excellent service for you and your customers. Periodic reporting and progress meetings keep you informed of performance KPIs.

Do you think product innovation is a risky business? Let’s share the risk.

We are proud of our capabilities; we value our customers and other partners and always strive for a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. That is why we invest in our OEM product development relationships. ViNotion can participate as a shared-risk development partner. Basically, it means that we will only be successful when you are! 

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Formalizing the Product Development Partnership

You’ve read this before. ViNotion is not reluctant to share product development risks with you! And we are willing to formalize that through product development partnerships. The finalization of our alliance is a legal matter. We are open to discussing different possibilities.

8 Steps to finalized formal partnership

  1. Signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  2. Investigating partnership terms
  3. Drafting the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
  4. Legal Screening of Content
  5. Choosing the best legal partnership structure
  6. Preparation of the partnership agreement
  7. Legal and content review:
  8. Formalization through the signing of the partner agreement

The Development Process.

Creating revolutionary camera products featuring Artificial Video Intelligence.

Together with all stakeholders, we map out clear milestones for the product development process. After that, an Agile approach is taken to create the final product or prototype. Development milestones can include not only the implementation of prototypes but also demonstrations offline or live processing of video streams. During development, we continue our close collaboration to ensure that the product suits your vision perfectly. Depending on what suits you and your organization best, we will inform you about new developments and the latest state of affairs. Some of our clients ask for high-level reports on the most important milestones and how development is going. Others prefer to attend our technical meetings so they can talk directly to our engineers and stay involved in managing technical progress and problems. Subsequently, close collaborations continue throughout the product’s lifespan. Even after the finished product is in production and available to the market, we will continue to support you, for example, by upgrading the product with new features or supporting product configuration.

When the product is out there. About service, ownership, and more.

The launch date has arrived! You now own a revolutionary (white label) product that uses the latest Artificially Intelligent Video technology. You are looking forward to celebrating the first sales soon. But… Where do things go from there?

ViNotion issues you a license for the (IPR) software and tracks the status of operation, maintenance, and support requests for each product in the field. For your clients, you will always be the first point of contact. Both you and your customers have 24/7 access to your personalized online service portal. Optionally, we offer live support during business hours. If you need more product demos and training, we’ll happily accommodate you. Periodic service level meetings keep you up to date on the efforts to support product introductions.

Human Implant Concept Technology as a Illustration

10 Reasons Why You Should Work with ViNotion to Develop Game-Changing Products and Services Featuring AI Video Analytics and Smart Camera Technology.

  1. Get a Head Start and Fast Forward with ViSense®. Our vision processing platform ensures you a short time-to-market.  
  2. Low Investment for Research & Development. We have basic modular solutions and blueprints ready for you.
  3. ViNotion is prepared to share the risks with you. And we’re willing to back it up with a formal partnership agreement.
  4. We incorporate our technology into your new and improved products and services.
  5. ViNotion has 15 years of experience developing and deploying Computer Vision solutions.
  6. With us, you’ll find a team of academically certified vision specialists and a dedicated project manager.
  7. We offer No-hassle Development as we can manage the entire product development process hands-on.
  8. We have got highly productized (TRL8/9) state-of-the-art tech innovations ready for your deployment.
  9. ViNotion works withprominent research institutes such as TU/e in Research and Development Programs.
  10. During the product’s lifespan, we’ll continue to work closely with you as your friendly internal technology hub.

Get your competitive edge with artificial video intelligence.

Introduce new or improved products to the market fast, affordably, and at minimum risk.

Interested in knowing how artificially intelligent video analytics and smart cameras can boost your product and service portfolio? Or want to know if our technology holds the solution to your clients’ evolving needs? We’d love to hear from you!

Book your no-strings-attached exploratory meeting to share your challenges or use case here.

Eager to keep up to date? Want to learn more?

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